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Anti-pénibilité au niveau du mur

Compensateurs de charge Gecko de 3 à 40kg

Load balancing unit GECKO CDC100370

Load balancing unit GECKO

The Gecko balancer has been manufactured in our manufacturing plant in order to minimize the operator’s difficulty on long applications of sanding, drilling, grooving, clogging or planing.

The available balancers range from 3 Kg up to 40 Kg, so you can install from the small grinder to the chisel cutter, and of course find various applications requiring a wall load support.

The main Gecko balancers manufactured are used to hold our Potam XM165 sanders to the wall, in order to relieve the operator during sanding work.

These are most often installed on scaffolding undercarriages for façade work, or on a bar previously spit over a long length.

Weight6,6 Kg à 12,3Kg
Cable length1,80 m
Dimensions0,54m x 0,22m x 0,12m


Load balancing unit GECKO


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